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Scarf Charting the Population of Russia over Time

You’re looking at a bar chart showing the growth of Russia’s population from the years 1500 to 2000. A blogger who goes by the moniker Russian Sphinx crocheted it to entertain her cat and keep warm. Link -via Explore

The Growth Table

The ingenious Growth Table by Tim Durfee and Iris Anna Regn gently scales up as a child grows. Start as a preschooler and move up to the tweens. It comes up with build-in nooks and crannies for art supplies. Link -via Inhabitat

Magnetic reversal hints in Earth’s core

The Earth’s magnetic field may flip every few thousand years due to lopsided growth of the planet’s core. Scientists investigating the phenomenon of m…

Little Geek Growth Chart

Do you want to track the growth of your children in a culturally appropriate manner? Then check out this growth chart by Tumblr blogger geeky dad. You can download it at the link, though he asks for a donation to his daughter’s college fund. Link via Boing Boing

Water demand to outstrip supply by 40%

Population growth and climate change could threaten the world’s water supplies within the next 20 years. Population growth will not only increase the …

Artificial protein able to sustain life

Scientists have created a synthetic protein that enables growth of living cells. A team of Princeton University researchers accomplished the task of c…

Turtle Boy

A youngster dubbed turtle boy by cruel bullies is starting a new life after a miracle two hour operation to remove a giant shell of hard skin from his back.Maimaiti Hali, eight – from Heping, northern China – was born with a hard, mutated growth covering most of his back.Dad Maimaiti Musai said: “We were [...]

Tree of Life

******************************************************* Older Posts ******************************************************* GROWTH, CHANGES, MEMORIES. The tree shows us the changing seasons, connects us with places and history. It shares our memories with every wisper of the wind, while his branches slowly dance. (…)Read the rest of Tree of Life (6 words) © Alexandra for Weirdomatic, 2009. | Permalink | 5 comments | Add to Post tags: