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Grow A Superman

Grow A Superman  Wish you had a super hero to save you from your day? Now you can with the Grow A Superman from the NeatoShop. Just add water and watch this handsome man of steel grow 6 times his original size. Big things can come in small packages.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for [...]

Grow A Geek

Grow A Geek – $2.95 Are you a geek or nerd in need of true companionship? Don’t waste precious time and resources searching for someone who can live up to your demanding intellectual standards. Get the Grow a Geek from the NeatoShop. Add a little water and the Grow A Geek is happy to be your [...]

Axolotl Never Grow Up T-Shirt

Never Grow Up Axolotl T-shirt – $14.95 The axolotl "Never Grow Up" T-shirt by Nathan Mazur of Scared of Bees is my new favorite Science [...]

Grow A Therapist

Grow A Therapist –  $2.95 Do you need a quick therapy fix, but can’t afford the couch time?  You need the Grow A Therapist from the NeatoShop.  Just add water and watch him grow to 600% of original size. Let him dry out and your shrink will shrink back to original size.  This thoughtful little fellow [...]

Grow A Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Grow A Boyfriend | Grow A Girlfriend – $1.95 Psst! Want a boyfriend/girlfriend? With these nifty gifts from the NeatoShop, the perfect man/woman is just a dunk in the water away. No dating, no pesky arguments, and best of all – no in-laws: Simply add water to grow your own heartthrob! Perfect for a Valentine’s Day [...]

Grow Your Own Beer Garden Kit

“You will find it fun, rewarding, and tasty to grow your own beer making plants. With the Grow Your Own Beer Garden kit, the plants sprout and grow quickly and easily. You’ll get the magic three: hops – the flavoring and stability agent of beer; barley – integral in making beer and able to regulate [...]

School of Pot: Cannabis College Offers Higher Education in Growing Medical Marijuana

Oh, boy. College today sure is different than when I went to school. Case in point: Med Grow Cannabis College, a school in Michigan that teaches students on how to grow medical marijuana (legalized there by a referendum in 2008). Med Grow opened Sept. 14. Students pay $475 for a six-week night-school course that includes classes [...]