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Officer, That Meth You Found Hidden in My Groin Isn’t Mine, Nor Is the Groin

A couple of years ago, police officers in Florida found cocaine hidden up a man’s bottom. He denied that the cocaine was his.  More recently, a suspect in Spokane Valley, Washington went even further. Not only was the methamphetamine that officers found in his groin not his, neither was the groin: After he was taken out of [...]

Man Gets Shot Twice, Decides to Have a Sandwich Before Moseying Over to the Hospital

Miguel Soto bought a sandwich at a deli and walked home. While on his way, he was shot twice. But Soto didn’t let that problem distract him from having his meal: Police say a 25-year-old Connecticut man who was shot twice after buying a sandwich at a New Haven deli went home and ate his lunch [...]

A Device to Prevent Genital Injuries when Crashing a Bicycle

The Stemie is a a rubber device that slips over a bicycle’s handlebar stem. If a rider crashes and flies over the handlebars, the Stemie is designed to prevent painful impacts to the groin. Link via CrunchGear | Photo: Sorachief Design