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15 Awesome Pixel Art Soda Displays

As a geek working at a grocery store, you do your work, bide your time and dream about getting back home to your beloved games. Or, you can bring your passion to work with you, and offer to set up one of these amazing pixel art soda displays and show the world just how cool [...]

Freddie Wong’s Cereal Killer

(Video Link) Freddie Wong has done it again! This action-packed short film depicts him as an undecided cereal shopper at a grocery store. Gun-wielding thieves should never interfere with a man trying to select a chocolate-flavored cereal. -via reddit

Cheese or Font?

It’s a simple quiz game. It gives you a word, and you decide whether it’s a cheese or font. How hard could this be? After all, I buy cheese at the grocery store and I have many fonts on my computer. Surprise! There are way more of both in the world than I realized. Link [...]