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Felted Fantastic Four Cover

Felt knitting master D. Campbell MacKinlay reproduced a 1966 Jack Kirby cover right down to the details of the Comics Code logo. The best part is that Grimm’s mitts project out of the surface. Link -via Nerdcore | Crafter’s Website

7 Grimm’s Fairy Tales That Would Make Great Movies

  We are all familiar with the classics like Snow White and Hansel and Gretel but what are some of the original Grimm Fairy Tales that would make great (Non Disney) movies? My favorite from the title alone is “The Devil’s Smelly Brother.” Link

I is for It: A Ghoulish Alphabet

Granny Grimm’s Ghoulish Book of Grammar is an ongoing series by artist Nik Holmes. It’s a great way to educate young children about the letters of the alphabet and the monsters that come out at night. New entries are published on Thursdays. Link via Popped Culture