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Optimus Prime before He Was Famous

Optimus Prime wasn’t always the leader of the Autobots. Long before he took the Matrix of Leadership, he worked his way through college armed with a fryer and a griddle. You can see more pictures of this outstanding custom figure at the link. Link (Google Translate) -via Kotaku

How to Make Tortilla Bowls

Here’s a great tip from The Garden Pantry. To make a tortilla bowl, just flip a muffin pan over, grease it, then bake tortillas in the open spaces. By the way: homemade flour tortillas fresh off the griddle are freakin’ amazing. Link -via Paul Overton

Deep-Frying Portable Grill

One of the few drawbacks to an outdoor grill is the difficulty of making french fries to go with your hamburgers. No more! The Blacktop 360 grill has a deep-fryer right in the middle. Plus a griddle, a warming plate, and an infrared grill. Plus an optional cutting board. And the legs fold up, so [...]

Prank Gift Boxes

Wake And Bake Dream Griddle Prank Gift Box – $7.95 Prank gift boxes from the NeatoShop, because: a) You love messing with your family. b) You would really buy this crap if they made it. c) You only give the very best gifts. d) All of the above. Be sure to check out the other fabulously fun prank gift items now [...]