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17 Famous Literary Characters Almost Named Something Else

“Bladorthin the Grey” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Gandalf the Grey,” does it? Good thing J.R.R. Tolkien decided to do some name swapping. Turns out he’s in good company: here’s the story of Gandalf and other famous characters who experienced an identity change before publication. 1. The only Pevensie child [...]

Grey Goose Bangles Bottlehood Jewelry

Grey Goose Bangles Bottlehood Jewelry – $24.95 Are you looking for a deliciously fun summer accessory to polish your look?  You need the  Grey Goose Bangles Bottlehood Jewelry from the NeatoShop. This mouthwatering set of 2 large bracelets is made from the recycled glass of a Grey Goose Bottle. Wearing your drink just took on a [...]

Elevator Knife Ad

This clever ad by the Grey Group in Japan promotes a brand of knives. As the elevator doors open, a knife appears to slice through a lobster. Link via Super Punch | Agency Website | Photo: Akihiro Ito

The Late Movies: The Old Grey Whistle Test

The Old Grey Whistle Test was a BBC TV show featuring live music. It ran from 1971 through 1988 on BBC2, and many performances are now collected on YouTube — I’ll show you some favorites below. But what the heck does “Old Grey Whistle Test” mean? According to host Bob Harris, the name comes from: … [...]