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US Navy develops C-3PO style robot

The Star Wars inspired robot has been designed to assist in fighting fires and to throw grenades. Known as ASH ( Autonomous Shipboard Humanoid ), the …

Hand Mortars and Other Odd Guns from History

DVICE has a great slideshow on one of my favorite topics: weird guns! This is a hand mortar, one of the twelve featured oddities from the history of firearms: Hailing from way back in the Musketeer days of the 1580s, these were hand-held weapons capable of delivering explosive ordinance that could have remained relevant all the [...]

Rubik’s Companion Cube

Prop maker Chris Myles, the man behind those marvelous lemon grenades, devised several functional Rubik’s Cubes that look like a Weighted Companion Cubes. Lambert Varias of Technabob asks “What’s next Chris? A GLaDOS Speak & Spell?” Yes, please! Link -via Technabob

Lemon Grenades

Prop designer Chris Myles took a break from making Portal props to put these lemon grenades together: Tops from some old airsoft bb loaders, random springs to make the spoons fly off when you pull the pins, some paper plus modge podge labels, and a hacked greeting card so when the spoon comes off Cave does [...]