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Drop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation? Meh, that’s a dime a dozen. So Greg Condon decided to do something a bit different: drop motion animation! Take a look: Hit play or go to Link [Vimeo] – Thanks Greg!

Woman Walking While Texting Fell Off Pier

Bonnie Miller of Benton Harbor, Michigan, is here to warn you about the dangers of WWT. That’s Walking While Texting, if you don’t know, which Bonnie experienced first hand one fine day when she [...]

Goldman Sachs Called Clients “Muppets”

After 12 years working at Goldman Sachs, exec Greg Smith decided to quit. But first, he penned this scathing op-ed in The New York Times, accusing the 143-year-old investment bank of losing its moral [...]

11 Rock Star Cameos in TV Shows

From Davy Jones on The Brady Bunch to (Cow)Boy George on The A-Team, here are some of the more memorable musician TV cameos. 1. Davy Jones on The Brady Bunch Marcia’s all-out campaign to get the Monkees singer to perform at her prom yields a kiss on the cheek, a date, and a specially dedicated song. “Thank [...]

Accidental Western Scene Made From Water Stains

Greg In the Desert shot this photo of pier in Ohio where the water stains formed a sunset-styled western scene complete with a cowboy on his horse. Sometimes it’s amazing what coincidence can do. Link Via BoingBoing

The Late Movies: Girl Talk Mashups

I know what you’re thinking: yeah, yeah, more mashups. But I promise you, THIS IS DIFFERENT. The guy behind Girl Talk — a laptop-wielding hipster named Greg — raises the mashup to an art form. (An extremely danceable art form.) He’s released five albums thus far, all available for free, each composed of hundreds [...]

Warners return from anaconda research trips

Mike and Greg Warner have returned from their latest search for evidence of the giant anaconda. The two Warners believe that the Giant Anaconda ( or B…

Beatles 3000

(YouTube Link) In this documentary video, historians and archaeologists from the year 3000 try to piece together information about The Beatles from 20th Century fragmentary remains. The impact that John, Paul, Greg, and Scottie had on music, culture, and technology cannot be underestimated. The video was created by Scott Gairdner, a producer of viral humor videos. via The [...]

The Late Movies: the Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes

One of pop culture’s most beloved characters — and some say the most famous fictional character of all time — Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed on screens both large and small by dozens of men. Since I’m posting excerpts from my Sherlock Holmes book all week, I figured I’d make the leap from book to [...]

6 Secrets from the Brady Vault

The Brady Bunch debuted 40 years ago this week. To celebrate, we’re re-running Kara’s excellent story about the series, which was originally posted last year. Here’s the story of how a show started as a typical formulaic sitcom, but grew into a syndicated monster. From the time Greg Brady got high to the reason Cindy Brady [...]