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What Is Greenwich Mean Time?

Getty Images In south London, at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, it’s possible to walk up to a metal strip running along the ground in a courtyard and, stepping over it with one foot, straddle the world. Suddenly, one half of your body is in the Western Hemisphere and the other is in the East. Sort of. [...]

How to Measure the Universe

In this short animated video, Dr. Olivia Johnson of the Royal Observatory Greenwich (home of Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian) explains how scientists measure the universe using parallax, standard candles, and the Doppler effect. Got four minutes? Pick up some basic math. (Sorry, maths.) Royal Observatory Greenwich is hosting an exhibit [...]

Locksmith Shop Covered with Keys

Greenwich Locksmiths, a little locksmith shop in New York City, recently added a facade that is composed of keys. Thousands of keys have been arranged and fixed to create intricate patterns on the front, the door, and some parts of the interior. Scouting New York has a series of detailed photos showing this amazing piece [...]