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Did the Romans produce greenhouse gases ?

A new study has revealed that the production of greenhouse gases was not limited to the modern age. When we think of global warming we tend to think o…

Methane release accelerates in Arctic

Large amounts of the greenhouse gas methane have been bubbling up to the surface of the Arctic ocean. A Russian research team that has been surveying …

Greenhouse Lamp

I love the idea of growing your own food, so this greenhouse lamp is a cute idea for herbs and other small plants. The price tag is $1,900 though, so I’m going to try filling an empty Sprite bottle with moss and tape it to a ceiling lightbulb. It will work. Link -via Colossal


For those familiar with Anki, you may be interested in Memrise, a spaced repetition system tool that helps users memorize vocabulary in different languages. Word associations and spanned testing reminders are used to facilitate vocabulary recognition and recall. The choice of languages is huge, from Mandarin (narrated by a very sultry-sounding woman) to French and [...]

Burp-less sheep to be bred in Australia

In a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions scientists are planning to breed sheep that burp less – but is this going too far ? Two thirds of Australi…