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4 Eco-Fabulous Places to Live in 2020

Across the world, architects and environmental engineers are building cities inspired by Mother Nature. Here are four communities leading the way to a greener, cleaner world. 1. Masdar City, United Arab Emirates The Greenest Town in the Middle East The United Arab Emirates isn’t exactly known for its environmental consciousness. Many of its citizens live in large, [...]

Burp-less sheep to be bred in Australia

In a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions scientists are planning to breed sheep that burp less – but is this going too far ? Two thirds of Australi…

Utah’s 4-day Work Week

Last year, the state of Utah mandated a four-day work week for state employees. The salaries and number of hours each worker put in remained the same as the workday became longer, but offices were closed on Fridays. After 12 months, Utah’s experiment has been deemed so successful that a new acronym could catch on: TGIT [...]