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The Green Ruby Pumpkin

(vimeo link) The Green Ruby Pumpkin is a delightful (but still scary) Halloween tale told in rhyme. The short film was produced by visual effects artists Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma. You can see a making-of video as well. -via the Presurfer

Think Green Kermit Tote Bag

Think Green Kermit Tote Bag | $29.95 Kermit wants you to think green! This embroidered and appliqued canvas bag features the Muppet looking his best. It has a magnetic closure and zippered compartments inside. A perfect gift for any Kermit fan! And it’s available now at the NeatoShop. See other Kermit items at the NeatoShop, and more [...]

Alan Scott, the Original Green Lantern, Comes Out as Gay

Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, is back. This time, DC Comics has a twist for comic lovers: Alan is back as a gay man. Appearing in next week’s EARTH 2 #2, Alan Scott is the only Green Lantern of [...]

Green Lantern Fleece Cozy Blanket With Sleeves

Green Lantern Fleece Cozy Blanket With Sleeves - $24.95 Spring is here. Guard yourself and others against chills with the Green Lantern Fleece Cozy Blanket With Sleeves from the NeatoShop. This super soft, wearable, fleece blanket makes you look like Green Lantern. Yes, you are worthy of wearing such a powerful blanket. Be sure to check out [...]

Dietribes: The Green Bean Caper

• A bean by any other name … would still be a bean. Green beans are also known as French Beans (if you’re British), string beans or snap beans. • The Green beans we eat today are not, as many think, a native of North America but rather of Central and South America. Early varieties were especially [...]

35 Great Costumes From WonderCon

This was the first year that the WonderCon (Comic-Con’s little sister) was held in Anaheim instead of San Francisco, unfortunately, that didn’t mean that the weather was any better. In fact, it was pouring the better part of the weekend. While the poor weather and smaller size of the convention meant there were far fewer [...]

Silver Army Men

These aren’t your father’s Green Army Men! GOOD ART in Los Angeles remade the iconic plastic green army men (with skulls) in sterling silver: Link – Thanks Shana!

The Ring Bearer

Adam Koford (Apelad) mixed Lord of the Rings with The Green Lantern in a way that just makes sense: Gollum finds the Power Ring that’s supposed to go to Hal Jordan (who became the Green Lantern). And it’s available on a t-shirt, at least for today. Link

The Quick 9: Non-Blonde Ambition

Tons of singers and actresses go blonde – everyone knows that. But who knew it was almost as common to leave blonde behind for another hue? Here are nine people who did just that. 1. Elvis. The King started life with light blonde hair and progressed naturally into darker hair as he got older like a [...]

Green Machine for Adults

The Green Machine was a classic toy from the 1970s. It steered from the rear using levers, thus allowing riders to make very sharp turns. Parker Brothers Choppers built this Green Machine for adults. It’s powered by an 80 cubic inch Harley-Davidson engine and steers from the rear, just like the original. “We had a Green [...]