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The Missing Links: Art That Makes Scents

This Is Why Sports Are Great Everything about athletics that isn’t this just clouds how beautiful and wonderful sports can be. * That New Art Exhibit Stinks Literally. * Some of You Are Sick of Zombies But these zombifed corporate logos are still awesome. * Sitcom the Vote Check out what television shows are saying about the election. [...]

The Missing Links: These Two Colors Rule Your Life

How the Blues & the Reds Run Your Life And I’m not talking political parties here. I mean that the actual colors red and blue might be ruling your life. (NSFW Language) * They’re Starting With the Man (Or Woman) In the Mirror Film characters get a good look at themselves. * What Does Panda Meat Taste Like? [...]

Great Dane declared world’s tallest dog

A Great Dane called Zeus has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest dog ever recorded. Three-year-old Zeus towers over most dogs at a sta…

The Great Buttons off Kanagawa

WBK The Great Wave – inspired by Hokusai’s iconic The Great Wave off Kanagawa Playtful art? deviantARTist Work by Knight (WBK) has got that on the button. The Australian artist uses buttons (or more specifically, [...]

The Missing Links: Carny Slang

Olympics + Math = Great Love the Olympics? Yes, you do. Love arithmetic? Like I even have to ask. Well, even if you hate them both, you’ll enjoy watching this mashup. (Via Digg) * You Too Can Sound Like A Carny While doing some research on carnival ride accidents in preparation for my trip to the state fair (Deep [...]

DIY Back To The Future Clock

Great Scott! Now this is awesome: Phillip Burgess wrote the instruction of how you can create the Time Circuit Clock from Back to the Future with Adafruit gear. Check it out: Link  [...]

On Sticking Your Arm Into an Underwater Cavern and Hoping a Catfish Bites You

Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters/Landov Lincoln Sadler eyes one of his favorite fishing spots, Great Rock, from a distance but times his approach around an oncoming boat so as not to reveal the rock’s secret location. He has already hiked two-miles in the boiling heat of an August North Carolina day followed by two miles of swimming and wading [...]

How much would it cost to build a pyramid ?

If we were to build the Great Pyramid today, how much would it cost to do so based on the original plan ? Even with access to the latest construction …

11 Great Zoo Posters Created for the WPA

During the Great Depression, the Works Progress Administration was established to help put Americans back to work. While every state used the WPA differently, Illinois and Pennsylvania employed the artists on staff to promote their local zoos. Many of the resulting posters lived on far beyond the WPA itself. Here are a few notable examples [...]

Ape Can Start Fire to Cook a Meal

Kanzi, the bonobo that surprised researchers with its linguistic skills (he had learned lexigrams naturally, simply by watching its mother), added a new skillset that will be handy when the apes rise up to [...]