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Great White Shark 3D Anatomy Model

Great White Shark 3D Anatomy Model - $24.95 Are you crazy about sharks? You need the Great White Shark 3D Anatomy Model from the NeatoShop! This amazingly detailed 3D puzzle of the great white shark is made of 20 fantastic pieces. It comes complete with a stand and illustrated guide book. Get to know this ferocious [...]

Hand-Feeding a Great White Shark

(Video Link) In this anxiety-inducing video, you can see shark expert Valerie Taylor feeding a Great White Shark…by hand! And the end, she actually pets the shark on the head. As one YouTube commenter puts it “holy crap its the Shark Whisperer.” via Doobybrain

The Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught

If you think that’s a big shark, that’s because it was the biggest great white shark ever caught by man: The two-ton Apache put up a fight—at one point breaking free from his barbless hook, said expedition leader Chris Fischer. “The battle with Apache was like nothing we’ve ever dealt with,” Fischer said. Once on board, the [...]

Wolverine vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Who will win? My money’s on Logan. Maybe if it was a T-Rex that had been crossed with a Great White Shark, that would be different. Click on the link to see the end of the fight, as depicted by Andrew Hou. Link via The Mary Sue

Man sings song to sharks

When someone told Andy Brandy Casagrande IV he could go swimming with sharks, he thought they said singing.National Geographic producer and underwater cinematographer Andy – a self-confessed shark enthusiast – puts himself in the role of a great white shark in the folky, tongue in cheek music video.The National Geographic film-maker was so concerned about [...]

Tourist killed by "dinosaur sized" shark

A tourist has been killed at Fish Hoek beach in Cape Town after being eaten by a “dinosaur sized” great white shark. In a scene reminiscent of Steven …

10-foot Shark Nearly Bitten in Half by 20-foot Shark

A 10-foot Great White Shark had been hooked already by a baited drum line off the coast of Queensland, Australia when it was attacked and bitten by a much bigger fish. Based on the bite marks, the attacker is presumed to be a 20-foot long Great White shark. Swimmers were warned away from the area [...]

Miami Shark

Almost a decade since the infamous photo of a great white shark attacking a Pave Hawk helicopter circulated the web via emails, things are looking up for the infamous shark. First, it got a movie deal (kind of) with the release of Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus … and now, its own Flash game. Behold, Miami [...]

Top 10 Incredible Sharks

Despite the fact that most sharks are harmless, the very thought of them strikes fear in most of us. Swimming at the beach just hasn’t been the same since the film Jaws came out. This list looks at ten sharks that are incredible due to their appearance, ability, or uniqueness in the animal kingdom. If [...]