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Other Ways to Look at the Great Wall of China

Everyone has seen pictures of China’s Great Wall before, but most of those images come from a handful of viewpoints just outside of Beijing, where all the tourists tend to visit. Given that the wall stretches for over 5,500 miles, there’s quite a bit more that you almost never see. While the tourist areas are well-maintained [...]

A Little Bit of Lotto History (Including Thomas Jefferson’s Take on Lotteries)

EPA/ERIK S. LESSER /LANDOV Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is up over $500 million—the biggest lottery prize ever. Whether you call it the poor man’s dream, a casino without walls, or a tax on the stupid, the lottery has deep and widespread roots. Here’s a look at three quick stories about the numbers game. Lotteries of Yore Lotteries have [...]

11 Things Billed as the 8th Wonder of the World

Since the days of antiquity, scholars and teachers, orators and critics, guide books and travel maps have identified Wonders of the World — locations that stand as a testament to human achievement in architecture and beauty or the represent the breathtaking awe of nature in its sprawling and magnificent chaos. Most often, these lists of wonders come [...]

This Guy Holds More than 100 Guinness World Records

Trying to set the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to Hula Hoop 10k? You’re going to have to beat Ashrita Furman. Most jelly eaten in one minute, blindfolded with no hands? That’s Ashrita’s territory. Think you’re pretty good at spitting champagne corks? Probably not as good as Ashrita. Mr. Furman, a 56-year-old Queens, N.Y. [...]

The Newspaper Hoax that Shook the World

The following is an article from Uncle John’s Giant 10th Anniversary Bathroom Reader. The media’s power to “create” news has become a hot topic in recent years. But it’s nothing new. This true story, from a book called The Fabulous Rogues, by Alexander Klein, is an example of what’s been going on for at least a [...]

Richard Garriott and his Nerdy Dream House

Old-school computer gamers will likely have heard of Richard Garriott, AKA “Lord British,” the designer of the classic and long-running Ultima series of single- and multi-player fantasy role-playing games. I have to admit to being sort of obsessed with Ultima VII back in the ninth grade, drawn in by its huge, quirky world — fantasy/medieval [...]

Sarah Reinertsen, Iron Woman

Sarah Reinertsen was born with a birth defect called proximal femoral focal deficiency. Her left leg was small, and wouldn’t grow with the rest of her body, so it was amputated when she was seven years old. Still, she always wanted to be an athlete. Reinertsen began running at age eleven, and competed in the [...]

Hangin’ Out at IKEA

Capitalizing on the viral popularity of People of Walmart blog (previously on Neatorama here), there’s a new blog called the People of IKEA. While that’s nifty and all, there’s an even stranger IKEA phenomenon: Chinese people love to go there, not to shop, but simply to hang around! With no plans one Saturday, Zhang Xin told [...]