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The Missing Links: Is Lake Erie Wrecking English?

Stickmen May Not Have Organs, But They Do Have Feelings The plight of the stickman doesn’t get nearly enough attention these days. Please be warned, his inevitable fate does produce a few NSFW phrases. * Dr. Seuss Was An Oil Man Before he created the beloved books you know him for, Dr. Seuss created ads for the [...]

11 Moons You Should Get to Know

You may have heard already that a fifth moon was discovered orbiting Pluto. (If not, Hubble spotted a fifth moon orbiting Pluto.) We know just enough about P5 to know that it’s tiny, and it’s a moon. Here are some other wild and wonderful worlds that orbit other worlds: 1. Phobos The larger and innermost moon of [...]

Ford Model A Half-Track

This 1931 Ford Model A has been heavily modified to get it through the snowy winters of the Great Lakes region. You can swap the front wheels for skis, a process the owner describes as “like changing a tire.” It’s for sale on eBay. Link -via Jalopnik

Messing with Mother Nature: 5 Invasion Stories

Introduction of non-native species to a new environment is often done completely by accident. Anywhere people travel, something unseen can be traveling along, too. Planes, ships, and other methods of distant travel have taken critters to places they don’t belong, and we only discover the problems they cause much later. 1. Snakes on Guam Sometime between 1945 [...]

Making the Best of Invasive Species

Sometimes species are introduced to a new environment by mistake, and sometimes on purpose with the best of intentions. Often the unintended consequences are that the new species takes over and drives out native plants and/or animals because its natural controls are not in place in a different place. What to do? How about making [...]

Lake of Molten Lava

Photo: Olivier Grunewald It looks like French photographer Olivier Grunewald has gone to Orodruin, the fabled volcano of Mordor – but the otherworldly lake of molten lava is actually very much on Earth. Boston’s The Big Picture has 28 fascinating photos of Grunewald’s journey to Hell on Earth, AKA the Nyiragongo Crater in Africa: In June 2010, [...]

Party Poopers: Presidents Who Faced Stiff Primary Challenges

After the Republican Party’s strong showing in last week’s elections, pundits began speculating that some member of the Democratic Party might decide to challenge Barack Obama for the party’s presidential nomination in 2012. (Howard Dean has already dismissed theories that he might be among the challengers.) Several previous presidents have faced stiff competition for their [...]

Extremophiles: Life on the Edge

The possibility of life on Mars and other planets and moons has been debated for as long as we have known about those planets. Now that water has been found on the Mars, that possibility is more believable than ever. Sure, conditions are fierce on Mars, but research here on planet Earth reveals that life [...]