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Artist ABOVE was invited to Zaragoza, Spain, to paint at the 7th annual international art festival ASALTO. This is the result: a 120 foot long wall painting titled 24% DESEMPLEADOS (translation: 24% UNEMPLOYED) Spain is [...]

Zildjian: Family Business for 14 Generations

When you talk about cymbals, chances are you’re talking about Zildjian cymbals. But did you know that the company is four centuries old and still run as a family business? Nearly 400 years ago, in [...]

Canadian Library Will Loan Out People as Well as Books

For centuries the public library has been a great source of knowledge through books. Now one library in Canada is opening up the scope of how you acquire knowledge at the library; by offering up skilled people. Why read a history book when you can talk to a historian? The program is far less insidious than [...]