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Antihydrogen Could lead to Anti-gravity

If Anti-atoms exhibit anti-gravity effects, does that mean that mean we finally get hover boards? Scientist also want to find out if the anti-atoms exhibit anti-gravity effects. This would mean the atoms would fall up instead of down. Since this would be a violation of the law of conservation of energy it is unlikely, however many [...]

New Suits May Help Astronauts Retain Bone Mass

Astronauts can lose 1-2% of their skeletal mass for each month that they spend in very low gravity. After a several months, this loss can become a serious health problem. But a new MIT-designed outfit called the Gravity Loading Countermeasure Skinsuit may help counteract this problem: With stirrups that loop around the feet, the elastic gravity [...]

Upside Downy Face

Photographer Brouton Stroube hung his subjects up by their feet before taking a portrait. The result shows some weird gravity effects that you don’t expect when seeing the pictures turned upright. Link -via Buzzfeed