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When a Cemetery Becomes Chic

Atlas Obscura is running a series called the 31 Days of Halloween on their blog. One post tells how made-up ghost stories can lead to frightening real stories of graveyard shenanigans, as happened at London’s fashionable Highgate Cemetery in the 1970s. Though the details are a bit murky, it began with reports of a “creature” in [...]

Plant Markers That Look Like Gravestones

I love gardening, but I’m not very good at it, which is why I absolutely adore these cute graveyard plant markers. After all, this way you can leave them up after you manage to kill off your poor plants with your not-so-green thumb. Link Via Craftzine

The hunt for the Iron Man of the Gorbals

Paul English recounts a peculiar incident that occured in a Glasgow graveyard 47 years ago. It had been an unusual case of mass hysteria, teams of sch…