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Lives of Grass by Mathilde Roussel

French artist Mathilde Roussel’s Lives of Grass is a living sculpture of falling bodies made from soil and sprinkled with wheat seeds. As the installation progressed, the seeds germinated and grass covered the body, [...]

Turf Blister

Okay, can someone explain what happened there? I think someone hid a water bed under the grass. That or some weird water pocket (I guess that’s the same thing, huh?) Hit play or go to Link [YouTube, [...]

Add Color to Your Garden Fence with Embedded Marbles

Eric Johnson’s urban garden is so small that it lacks a single blade of grass. So he has to get creative to make the most of it. One change that he made was to embed glass marbles into his privacy fence. It’s really simple: just drill holes into the wood and push the marbles in! [...]

This Sure Sums Up Zelda

Lissa Treiman watched a game of Zelda being played and learned one thing about the game: “There’s a lot of grass that keeps growing back, and sometimes it has money in it.” Just ’bout sums it up, Lissa! Link

Council places "keep off" sign on tiny verge

The London council has been quizzed over its bizarre use of “keep off the grass” signs. Locals were left baffled when one sign was placed on a tiny pi…

Parking Puzzle

(YouTube link) A time-lapse video from a security camera reveals a game in which the goal is to escape a parking lot. Why didn’t they drive through the grass? -via Buzzfeed

Ancient human may have preferred grass

An ancient human ancestor known as nutcracker man may have preferred to munch on grass. Named such due to its large teeth scientists believe the prehi…

A Day in the Life of a Goomba

You’re just walking along with one of your friends, enjoying the lovely day and the grass between your non-existent toes – then a plumber comes out of nowhere and… the terror! The terror! You can probably guess what happens next. Link

Giant Grass Sofas Growing Around Britain

A dozen huge grass sofas have been installed at tourist attractions around the UK — in a bizarre bid to get couch potatoes out of the house.The sofas – some of which are 30ft long – are the idea of the National Trust and are made from a base of straw which has been watered [...]

Bluegrass Rhapsody

(YouTube link) Another of the many ways Queen’s classic Bohemian Rhapsody is performed, this time by Hayseed Dixie, from their new album Killer Grass. Link -via Arbroath