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Minimalist Posters of Six Women Who Changed Science and The World

We’ve seen minimalists posters made for your favorite movies before, but what about science? Graphic artist Hydrogene crafted some of the best minimalist posters starring six women who changed science and the world: Link [...]

Famous Dishes from Literature

Graphic designer Dinah Fried had a great idea for a photo series: meals from famous works of fiction. Pictured above is one from The Catcher in the Rye. Others at the link include Moby Dick and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. As much as I loved Watership Down, I doubt that photos of the characters’ [...]

Company Logos Made from Tiny Versions of Competitors’ Logos

Graphic designer Stefan Asafti is fascinated by the history of brands and decided to play around with prominent ones this way. Among other logo mashups that you can find at the link are Firefox vs. Internet Explorer, Coke vs. Pepsi, and Canon vs. Nikon. Link -via reddit

Chalkboard Typography Art

Graphic designer┬áDana Tanamachi has one heck of a steady hand. By day, Tanamachi works at Louise Fili Ltd, a renowned lettering and design studio. But by night, she’s out doing freelance chalkboard typography art with nary a stencil, pattern nor transparency–no small feat considering the density of text on most of the works shown in [...]

Creative Bar Codes

Graphic link Bar codes don’t have to be boring blocks of black and white. There are several companies out there that design artistic yet fully-functional codes to spice up the back of a package. Check out some of the exceptionally clever ones over at Mashable. Link

Storm Trooper’s Desktop

Graphic designer Matt Chase got a peek into the life of a Storm Trooper by taking screenshots of his desktop. This one is just email. See the other windows at the post. Link -Thanks, Nicholas!

Honest Logos

Graphic artist Viktor Hertz turned famous logos into “Honest Logos,” where he “[reveal] the actual content of the company, what they really should be called. Some are cheap, some might be a bit funny, some will maybe be brilliant.” Link [Flickr] – via Design You Trust | Interview at My Modern Met Previously on Neatorama: Pictogram Movie [...]

The Complete Story of Star Wars Retold with Icons

Graphic designer Wayne Dorrington depicted the entire plot to Episode IV of Star Wars using only nonverbal symbols. You can view the entire piece at the link. The trench run scene is almost as exciting as it was in the movie. Link via blastr | Dorrington’s Website

Minimalist Doctor Who Posters

Graphic designer Alex Freeman made posters that display, with only basic colors and shapes, the first six incarnations of the Doctor on Doctor Who. At his Flickr photostream, you can also view minimalist book covers that he’s designed for Star Wars novels. Link via Technabob | Freeman’s Website

Dramatic Movies Depicted as Star Wars Movies

Graphic Designer Matthew Ranzetta created posters for movies The Princess Bride, Empire Records, Rebel Without a Cause, Cool Hand Luke, and Empire of the Sun. They reflect scenes and typography from the Star Wars movies. Link via io9