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Did Technology Help Kill The Union?

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Graph: BoogaLouie/Wikimedia Commons If you’re a political animal, then you’d already know that the victory of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in beating [...]

Tuition Costs Compared to Other Prices

This graph from the New York Times shows how much tuition has gone up, way more than other costs. They offer several reasons, but since they are focusing manly on state schools, public funding cutbacks appears to explain a lot of it. Link -via TYWKIWDBI

The Cheers Intelligence Graph

Dan Meth, the same artist who told us what prescriptions our favorite Pooh characters needed, has recently put together this graph of the relative intelligence of all the characters on Cheers. I personally agree with his assessment, what do you guys think? Link Via Laughing Squid

Kurt Vonnegut Demonstrates Story Graphs

(Video Link) If you like the late, great author, then you’ll love this video. Make sure to watch him graph the third story to really enjoy his entertaining sense of humor. Link

Perspective and Hope

Minnesotastan put this graph with his town’s historical average high and low temperatures on his refrigerator to remind the family that they will get better, as they always do. The arrows are moved along every week. It doesn’t surprise me that the earliest humans recorded winter solstices, that they monitored the sun’s positions, that religious festivals [...]

Hand-drawn Timeline of Inception by Christopher Nolan

The nifty hand-drawn graph above is Christopher Nolan’s graph detailing the timeline of Inception. If you don’t understand it, you’re in good company – but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the movie. Link – via Boing Boing

Your Musical Taste Displayed as a Wall Hanging

Andy, who lives in Zurich, is a big fan of electronic music. As an expression of his individual musical taste, he created a colorful wall hanging charting his listening activities over the course of a year. Here’s his description, run through Google Translate: Last graph now takes up precisely these statistics, that is your taste in [...]

xkcd Movie Graphs

Randall Munroe of xkcd has posted intricate movie graphs that help explain the sequence of characters for those who have trouble figuring out what went on over a long narrative. The most helpful is the largest graph, which deals with the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Grouping of lines shows which characters are together over [...]