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Nyan Cat Blanket

Craftster irisx crocheted 637 granny squares to create this Nyan Cat blanket! The project took nine weeks. The finished product is something special. There’s also a time-lapse video showing how the squares were assembled. Link-Thanks, Lisa!

Granny G Raps About Family Values

(YouTube Link) Granny G is a senior with hip hop in her soul, and she’s got some advice for any young man thinking about bringing another fatherless child into the world. Watch her display her serious rhyming skills on America’s Got Talent, proving that you’re never too old to win a rap battle. –via Best Week Ever

Death to Hipster Granny

Death to Hipster granny hates hipster before it was cool. But doesn’t that make her the ultimate hipster? Via Cubiclebot See also: I Blame Hipsters T-shirt from the NeatoShop

How to Tie Your Shoes

When I learned how to tie my shoes as a kid, I was taught what I now know is a granny knot. The problem with this knot is that, at least for me, it came undone easily, causing me to have to re-tie it several times a day. Eventually I started double-tying my shoes, making [...]

I is for It: A Ghoulish Alphabet

Granny Grimm’s Ghoulish Book of Grammar is an ongoing series by artist Nik Holmes. It’s a great way to educate young children about the letters of the alphabet and the monsters that come out at night. New entries are published on Thursdays. Link via Popped Culture