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Mr. Ed Has Been in the Liquor Cabinet Again

(YouTube link) A Grand Theft Auto mod lets you play the game as a horse. No good could ever come of letting a horse loose behind the wheel of a convertible, I said, and I was right. All this needs is a clip of “Oh, Wilbur!” and a whinny at the end. -via Metafilter

Grand Theft R2 IV

(Video Link) R2-D2 is on a murderous rampage through the streets of Liberty City. JMoorfoot4′s modification of the game Grand Theft Auto IV shows us what happens when that cute little droid finally snaps. You can download it at the link. Link -via Kotaku

Car with an Airbag for Pedestrians

(Video Link) It’s not yet safe to play real life Grand Theft Auto, but Volvo’s V40 comes with a feature that may reduce pedestrian fatalities during accidents. When a pedestrian impacts the front, an airbag deploys out of hood to partially shield that person from the rest of the car. Do you think that it will [...]

Grand Theft Mario V Mashup Trailer

(YouTube Link) Itsa mashup trailer, featuring gameplay footage of everyone’s favorite stereotype plumber and the audio track from the latest Grand Theft Auto V teaser. Every time Mario tries to get out they pull him back in, like a giant pipe with a secret chamber inside. –via GeeksAreSexy