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Couple Gets Married, Dances in Jetpacks

I’m now kicking myself for not thinking of it first: The 25-year-old former wedding planner from Grand Rapids, Mich., says she wanted a unique ceremony. So the couple donned the $90,000 contraptions on their backs, along with a wetsuit for the groom and white board shorts and a rash-guard shirt for the bride. The jetpacks from Jetlev Southwest [...]

Layaway Angels

Some needy people are getting a nice Christmas surprise this year: anonymous "layaway angels" have been donating money to pay off layaway accounts in stores from all around the country: Wal-Mart spokeswoman Dianna Gee says [...]

The Origins of 11 Big Box Stores

Saturday may be for small businesses, but Black Friday is all about the big box stores. Here’s a look at the origins of 11 big stores that are probably promising big savings (and long lines) this weekend. 1. Best Buy © Best Buy/St. Paul Business Journal, Michael Maloney/San Francisco Chronicle/Corbis Richard Schulze opened his first Sound of Music [...]

Retirement Community Lip Dub

Video link These senior citizens may not have the number of participants the Grand Rapids lip dub had, but they certainly give the city a run for its money in pure awesomeness. Created by Grand Valley University students, the video shows residents of the Clark Retirement Community in Michigan working out, chilling in the hot tub, [...]

The Grand Rapids LipDub

(YouTube link) Back in January, Newsweek listed Grand Rapids, Michigan as one of “America’s Dying Cities.” Mayor George Hartwell did not agree, and said as much. The city responded by producing an epic LipDub video to Don McLean’s “American Pie,” featuring 5,000 of the city’s residents, recorded on May 22nd. Whether this makes any sense at [...]

Fist Hammer

Photo: Martus & SilvioWith this fist warhammer, you’ll be the talk of any LARP session that you attend. The design studio Martus & Silvio in Grand Rapids, Michigan made this fist-styled, three foot long, cast iron hammer. They’ve got other cool items of metal work at their site, too, such as a monkey wrench that [...]

Dietribes: Water Water Everywhere! Part Two

For those of you whose thirst wasn’t quenched with the last Dietribes, here’s another round of water facts for you to paddle, wade, swim or float through: • Worried about drinking your 8 glasses of water a day? Turns out it may be a myth … • However, there is definitely the possibility of drinking too [...]

2 Poles Who Aided the American Revolution

Warm up the pierogies, Polish American heritage month is here again! Last year, we ticked off a list of 8 things you need to know about Polish Americans. This year, we’re going to change things up a bit and profile two men who helped make the very idea of a Polish American (or any other [...]