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Tourists Saved by Calling Pharmacy

It’s not easy to look up a phone number in a foreign country, especially in a panicked situation. When the tide rolled in and surrounded Italian tourists Oberdan and Patrizia Cosimi on a rocky shore in Devon, England, they could not recall the country’s emergency number. But the couple found a receipt in a jacket [...]

Synchronized Cows

You’ve heard how British Council rules are. One mandates “that cattle housed in groups should be given sufficient space so that they can all lie down simultaneously”. Researchers at Oxford University and Clarkson University in New York state were curious to determine whether this was necessary. Do cows ever all lie down at the same [...]

Subversive Cross-Stitch by a Prisoner of War

While being held in a Nazi prisoner of war camp, British officer Major Alexis Casdagli did everything he could to resist his captors. He was skilled with a needle and thread, so among other projects, Casdagli made an excellent cross-stitch sampler which told the Nazis in a coded message where to shove it: Over the next [...]