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Animated Banksy

It’s about time! Made By ABVH turned iconic graffiti artworks by Banksy into a series of animated GIFs. Take a look at two more after the jump: Then visit Made by ABVH for more: Link – via My [...]

Surreal Sculptural Paintings By Shaka

Graffiti artist and painter Shaka, aka Marchal Mithouard, enjoys sharing his unique sculptural visions with the world, but is the world ready for Shaka’s style? His imaginative works combine a painting and a sculptured piece that makes the viewer feel llike the subject is coming right out at them. With all those squiggles everywhere viewing Shaka’s works [...]

That’s One Heck of a Power Plant

How do you make a piranha plant into a power plant? By painting one of the Mario enemies on a power box, of course. This puntastic graffiti is almost good enough to be done by Hanksy. Link Via The Daily What

Vintage Photographs of Chinese Women

A collection of photographs at Environmental Graffiti gives a glimpse into the lives of women in China in the 19th century. About this photograph: To create those amazing ‘wings’, the hair was wrapped around a piece of wood at the back. “The [Manchu] style is simple and graceful, and must have been designed, one would almost [...]

Colorful Sculptures By TYPOE

Multimedia/graffiti artist TYPOE creates some colorfully chaotic works that really pop. I stumbled upon his works on the Book of Faces and I thought to myself “Well, color me impressed!” TYPOE is working on new ways to blow our minds in his  magical Miami workshop, and I can’t wait to see more…. Link   Facebook LINK

Graffiti From Pompeii

The Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum is a behemoth publication spanning 17 volumes in about 70 parts that record about 180,000 Latin inscriptions from Roman times, ranging from official scripts to lowly graffiti hastily etched [...]

The Amusement Park Being Swallowed by the Sea

Blackgang Chine amusement park opened on the Isle of Wight in 1843, which makes it Britain’s oldest amusement park. But it’s been relocated several times due to collapsing cliffs, and the sea is still eroding the land underneath it! Read the story of Blackgang Chine, and see plenty of pictures, at Environmenal Graffiti. Link

Concrete Walls Project Presents Sawe

(YouTube Link) The Concrete Walls Project is a video series which integrates works from the best graffiti artists worldwide into fun animated videos, bringing their works to life like never before. Check out this episode, which features works by Catalan graffiti artist Sawe getting all animated as he paints the town, complete with a equally sharp soundtrack! –via [...]

15 Enchanting Red Windows from Around the World

There’s something about a touch of red on a home that makes you smile. Environmental Graffiti collected pictures of windows all over the world that stand out with red frames or shutters, or even both. Link (Image credit: Flickr user Alessandro T.)

Lovable Pooches With Different Colored Eyes

Heterochromia is more common in dogs than in people, and it’s as cute as can be! At Environmental Graffiti, see 15 adorable dogs looking at you with puppy dog eyes -one blue and one brown, mostly. Link