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Surreal Sculptural Paintings By Shaka

Graffiti artist and painter Shaka, aka Marchal Mithouard, enjoys sharing his unique sculptural visions with the world, but is the world ready for Shaka’s style? His imaginative works combine a painting and a sculptured piece that makes the viewer feel llike the subject is coming right out at them. With all those squiggles everywhere viewing Shaka’s works [...]

Colorful Sculptures By TYPOE

Multimedia/graffiti artist TYPOE creates some colorfully chaotic works that really pop. I stumbled upon his works on the Book of Faces and I thought to myself “Well, color me impressed!” TYPOE is working on new ways to blow our minds in his  magical Miami workshop, and I can’t wait to see more…. Link   Facebook LINK

Concrete Walls Project Presents Sawe

(YouTube Link) The Concrete Walls Project is a video series which integrates works from the best graffiti artists worldwide into fun animated videos, bringing their works to life like never before. Check out this episode, which features works by Catalan graffiti artist Sawe getting all animated as he paints the town, complete with a equally sharp soundtrack! –via [...]

Getting Up Is A Graffiti Doc With Heart

(YouTube Link) Whether or not you agree with graffiti as an art form, you have to respect the heart and passion this fallen street artist exhibits in this trailer for the upcoming documentary Getting Up. Bedridden and paralyzed with ALS, graffiti artist Tony “Tempt” Quan gets a second chance to create art via new technology that allows [...]

Art Student Covertly Hangs Painting in Art Museum

If you want something done right, you’re better off doing it yourself. In that spirit, Polish art student Andrzej Sobiepan decided that his work belonged in a museum, regardless of what museum officials wanted. So when a guard wasn’t looking, he discreetly hung it on a wall: Sobiepan, a Wroclaw Fine Arts Academy student whose last [...]

Artist Cleans Moss From Wall To Create Reverse Graffiti

When graffiti artist Strook decided to create a piece for De Invasie, a series of artworks based around ecology, he grabbed a high pressure hose instead of an aerosol can and removed the moss from the wall, one line at a time, to create this awesome mechanical bird mural. You can see more photos of this [...]

Brush with Death

(Video Link) Two men want to paint, but have different objectives. One is a graffiti artist; the other paints over graffiti. Who will prevail when both have paint powers beyond human understanding? Check out the excellent visual effects in this short film from Corridor Digital. -via The Uniblog | Production Company’s Facebook Page

Wild Painted Wall Animation By BLU

(Video Link) This video is an oldie but goodie I thought i’d share with you, featuring some amazing animation painted directly on walls around Buenos Aires and Baden. Graffiti artist and animator BLU is responsible for the mess, which somehow seems to clean up behind itself as the animation runs down the street, leaving a whitewash [...]


Move over, Banksy – there’s a new avant garde graffiti artist prowling the streets. Behold, Hanksy! via Wooster Collective Previously on Neatorama: T.HANKS: The Tom Hanks Trash Bin

Masking Tape Graffiti

Australian graffiti artist BUFFdiss works in masking tape. He’s especially fond of making giants in public places so that people look like dolls in comparison. In the links, you can find an interview with him. BUFFdiss says that using masking tape permits him greater leeway with authorities who would object to the use of more [...]