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Congress Talks Like a 10th Grader

Photo: Lawrence Jackson Quick: what’s circular, full of wind and is destructively expensive? Tornado? No, Congress. It’s no secret that politicians love to talk, but what is suprising is that the average grade level of [...]

Chewing Gum is Bad For Your Brain

Gasp! My fourth grade teacher might’ve been right after all – chewing gum in class may actually be bad for you: … scientists at Cardiff University in Wales now find chewing gum can [...]

15 Facts to Share During Braille Literacy Month

January is Braille Literacy Month. Did you know that? Here are some other things you might not know about Braille. 7. There are three different “grades” of Braille Every grade represents a different skill level, with 1 being best for those just starting to learn Braille and 3 for the more familiar. Basic letters and punctuation characterize [...]

Taking Tricycling To The Extreme

(YouTube Link) Are you tired of the traditional extreme sports vehicles, such as motorcycles and skateboards? Are you looking to take it back to the good old days of first grade? Then check out this video featuring your new favorite extreme sport: extreme tricycling. Have fun explaining your injuries to your insurance agent while keeping a [...]

Super Friends Valentines Superpack

Transport yourself back to grade school -to 30 years ago when this Super Friends Valentine package hit the stores. Pages from the 11 x 17″ book of valentines are scanned big so you can print, cut, and put these simple paper crafts together, such as putting wheels on Batgirl’s Batcycle. Pages and pages are available [...]

Should We Just Get Rid of Handwriting?

Missouri University School of Journalism, original photo by Mollie Sterling that went viral some years ago- via Losing Context We’ve posted about the (purported) obsolescence of cursive handwriting on Neatorama before, but should all forms of handwriting be dead? Yes, according to Anne Trubek. The Oberlin College associate professor argues that handwriting is a technology that’s [...]