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Ruby Slippers 2.0 Come with GPS Navigational Assistance

There’s no place like home. But what if you don’t know how to get there? Wizard Dominic Wilcox designed shoes that will lead the way. Just click your heels together: After uploading your required destination to the shoes via a piece of custom made mapping software and a USB cable, the GPS, which is embedded in [...]

Pigeons Have GPS Built Into Their Brain

That GPS unit on your car sure is fancy, but pigeons have got you beat: they have GPS built right into their brain! Researchers have spotted a group of 53 cells within pigeons’ brains [...]

Your GPS Is Wrong!

The Internet is packed with examples of motorists getting into trouble for trusting their GPS navigation – so color me glad to see someone creative enough to tack on a “Your GPS Is Wrong!” sign to warn people of this dead end road. I think it should be standard issue for some roads. Via The [...]

GPS Ski Goggles

They won’t teach you how to ski, but these GPS ski goggles will do just about anything else! Measure your speed, direction, latitude and longitude, altitude, number of runs, current temperature, and distance. The data is displayed on a 2″ LCD screen inside the goggles. And -dare we say it- if you are injured or [...]

GPS Strands Motorist on Mountain

I hope that you don’t rely on your GPS to the exclusion of your common sense. This guy followed his navigator’s instructions to “a glorified goat track.” and had to be rescued by a helicopter crew! Driver Robert Ziegler, 37, found himself stranded near the peak at Bergun, Switzerland, unable to go forward or turn around [...]

10 Technologies That Will Rock 2010

Global Thoughtz Technology has a cool list of the latest tech that’s due to blow up this year, including augmented reality. It’s recently debuted on certain phones that can integrate GPS and object recognition to enhance navigation. Further, the core of the technology will be the mobile camera and the placement of processed information on top [...]