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Sex, Politics and Beer Riddles Decoded from 3,500-Year Old Babylonian Tablet

Did you hear the one about the jokes inscribed on ancient Babylonian tablets? No, that’s no joke: researchers studying a 3,500-year old tablet from ancient Mesopotamia have intepreted riddles and jokes about (surprise!) sex, politics [...]

What Does “State of Emergency” Really Mean?

Governors up and down the East Coast are declaring states of emergency in advance of Hurricane Irene’s landfall. The words pop up in the news every few months, but what does the dire-sounding phrase “state of emergency” really mean? The answer varies a bit from state to state, but basically, declaring a state of emergency [...]

Keep on Truckin’: 15 Stories of Life After Sports

Boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard retired in 1982. Then again in 1984. Enough, he said once more in 1987. And 1991. And finally in 1997. Long before quarterback Brett Favre made retirement an annual and reversible rite, Leonard demonstrated that on the subject of possibly hanging it up for good and starting a new career he [...]

The Other Sarah Palin

Abram Sauer of Esquire talked to Sarah Palin the other day. No, not that Sarah Palin – the other one. Does sharing a name with the inimitable former Governor of Alaska and presumably US presidential hopeful in 2012 bring a certain amount of pain? You betcha! The name is not a common one, but there are [...]