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Knotted Gourds

Glen Burkhalter, a gourd artist of Lacey Spring, Alabama, creates some impressive pieces, including gourds with spiral and knotted stems and others engraved to look like globes: When his extra large handle dipper gourds are about one feet long, Glen Burkhalter wraps them in pantyhose. Then, he waits for about two months until the gourds are [...]

Carved Pumpkin May Hold Royal Blood

This gourd, dated 1793, was originally used to store gunpowder but may also have contained something much spookier. Carved into its surface are the words,“Maximilien Bourdaloue on January 21st, dipped his handkerchief in the blood of Louis XVI after his beheading.” It was not unusual in those days for people to dip their hankies in [...]

Louis XVI relic tested for DNA

A decorative gunpowder gourd is thought to contain the dried blood of French King Louis XVI. Scientists conducted DNA tests on the blood and found tha…

New Chef has Stomach for the Job

A Chinese restaurant recruited a new chef by inviting applicants to slice a melon on a woman’s stomach.The hotel restaurant, in Hankou, Hubei province, put the knife skills of more than 15 candidates to the test.A woman volunteer laid on a table, with her stomach covered with a thin sheet of plastic, while would-be chefs [...]