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Gotham High

(YouTube link) The prequel everyone’s been waiting for: Gotham City’s super heroes and villains in high school! Which future Dark Knight Trilogy character will get the girl in this teen romance? -via Geeks Are Sexy

The Myriad Monikers of Gotham’s Villains

Pop Chart Lab produced a huge chart that classifies the villains of Gotham City -and there have been a lot of them over the past 70 years! The picture here is just a small portion of the chart, which is for sale as a limited edition signed and numbered art print. You can zoom in [...]

The Late Movies: TV Batman Window Cameos

Jerry Lewis was the first guest star to pay Batman and Robin a quick visit. Sammy Davis Jr. was holding dance rehearsal when the crime fighters scaled his wall. I guess no one told Batman that Edward G. Robinson used to be a pretty big villain himself. The late Dick Clark. It was a crime fighter showdown when Batman [...]

Darth Knight Custom Action Figure Is All Kinds Of Awesome

Custom modeler John Harmon was inspired by Malmey Studios’ Darth Vader/Batman Armor crossover costume when he created this custom hybrid action figure. Here’s how the two figures became one: Darth Knight has been using the body from a Dark Knight Movie Masters Batman figure, and the head, lightsaber, chest plate, and other pieces from a Star [...]

Ordinary Batman Adventures

Artist Sarah Johnson illustrates Batman doing what the super hero does when he’s not out fighting evil and protecting Gotham City. And they’re animated, too! Watch Batman fishing, eating ice cream, visiting the men’s room, etc. Link -via The Daily What Geek

Bat Infestation Under a Tile Roof

(Video Link) A crew working for Istueta Roofing in Miami, Florida tore up an old tile roof. Below it, they found thousands of bats. It’s a good thing that the roofers didn’t try this in Gotham City. -via Blame It on the Voices

Evidence of Batman

In 2006, a street artist who goes by the name Posterchild left signs in Toronto that would lead reasonably intelligent residents to conclude that the Batman had left Gotham City. I mean, if you saw a Batarang stuck into a telephone pole or a bat-marked bootprint on the wall, what would you think? Link | Project [...]

Batman vs. Wolverine

(Video Link) Batman Délivrance is fan film by Atomic Productions that looks at a chaotic Gotham City, many years after Bruce Wayne hung up his cowl and began drinking. Who will take up Batman’s crusade to save the city? The dialogue is in French, but it’s subtitled in English. via Fanboy

The Catcher in the Rye, Starring Robin

Holden Caulfied, the Boy Wonder of Gotham City, has a lot of growing up to do. And it doesn’t look that Batman is going to help him much. Read the whole piece at Andrew Makes Comics. Link via Atomic Nerds

Batman as an Oppressive Plutocrat Enforcing an Aristrocratic Social Order

Comics critic and editor Steven Padnick has an interesting read on the Batman narrative. Bruce Wayne, he argues, is hardly a hero of the oppressed, but a tyrant whose primary goal is to maintain a rigid class structure in Gotham City: Batman isn’t just “the man,” Bruce Wayne is also The Man. He’s a rich, white, [...]