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Saturday Night Live Skit: iPhone 5

Got a complaint about the new iPhone 5? Perhaps you’re upset about Apple Maps? Or the purple flare? Well, three fictional tech bloggers got their chance to air their complaints in this Saturday Night [...]

How to Make Corn Dog Brownies

Got corn dogs? How about brownie mix? Slap them together. But Becky McKay’s recipe is only a starting point. In my experience, you should top them with Easy Cheese. Link

The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suites

Got a spare stack of hundreds lying around and don’t feel like sleeping in your own bed tonight? The good news is that you can resolve both of these fist-world problems at the same time. The bad news is that you might have to take a flight or two to get to your destination. From [...]

10 Seriously Talented Pets

(Video Link) Think America’s Got Talent has some great acts? Just wait until you see Pets Lady’s top ten talented pets. Just look at this gorgeous husky singing along to Gwen Stefani. Link

Watch 56 Episodes of “Star Trek” Simultaneously

Got fifty minutes to spare? Okay, how about an unbelievable reservoir of tolerance for cacophony and 60s color schemes? Perfect. Strap yourselves in and enjoy the first two seasons* (ish) of Star Trek. Yes, it’s in HD. Put it on the View Screen, Lieutenant! * = The first season pilot (The Cage) was [...]

Fixing Potholes with Non-Newtonian Fluid

Got potholes? Forget waiting around for 5 road workers to stand around and watch while one guy fills the pothole with asphalt! Just grab a bit of non-Newtonian fluid and, there – you fixed [...]

3,117 Coins Stacked on One Dime

Got nerves of steel, thousands of coins, and seven hours to kill? No? How about four minutes and a web browser? Okay, perfect. In this video, YouTube dude Tai Star stacks “600 quarters, 501 dimes, 313 nickels, 1699 pennies, [and] 5 foreign coins” all resting on a single original dime. [...]

The Facebook Bed

Got someone who lives and breathes Facebook? Well, now you can help ‘em sleep on Facebook, too! Behold the Facebook bed by Tomislav Zvonaric of DevianTom. It’s only a concept, but I know you’re all liking it, am I right or am [...]

Classic Album Covers Re-Imagined with Harry Potter Characters

Got Potter-mania yet? Next Movie Blog came up with this clever post of 9 classic album covers re-imagined with the characters from Harry Potter. Snape as the King? We’re all shook up. Link – Thanks Andie Taylor!

China’s Got Talent Contestant Whacked Own Balls With Hammer

Forget America’s Got Talent! Don’t bother with Britain’s Got Talent. China’s Got Talent – now that’s where it’s at. Why, you say? Just take a look at this talented 68-year-old man whose talent involves bashing his own balls with a hammer: The video, picked up by Shanghaiist, shows a menagerie of weird talents in this year’s qualifying [...]