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5 Terrifying Animals That Could Save Your Life Someday

Sharks, vampire bats, crocodiles: the stuff of horror movies. Yes, these animals can kill you, but medical science is turning lemons into lemonade, so to speak. For example, the venom of a cobra: Well, scientists think that part of what makes venom so nasty is that it suppresses the body’s ability to fight back by hampering [...]

Taken with a Real Dad

(YouTube link) He’s not Liam Neeson. In fact, he’s probably more like the dads you actually know. This video from Captain Hippo reminds us why we watch movies -to see something that doesn’t happen in everyday life. -via Gorilla Mask

Walking and Talking About Walking and Talking

(YouTube link) Seeing the same scene over and over in a supercut gives you some idea of how Hollywood relies on particular tropes that you didn’t even notice. This supercut from Slackstory explains itself as it goes along. Link -via Gorilla Mask

Everyone Claims to be Batman

(YouTube link) People who say they are Batman are either 1. nuts, 2. quoting from a Batman movie or TV show, or 3. Batman. You decide which is which in this supercut from Gorilla Mask. Link -via Buzzfeed

Rubber Bands Vs. Watermelon

(YouTube Link) How many rubber bands does it take to make a watermelon explode from the pressure? The world may never know…. Oh wait, some guys in Korea already figured that out waaaaay back in 2008 (that’s like the 1950s in blog years), and the answer might come as a surprise. Well, not as surprising as one rubber [...]

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now

This game is based on the old TV show Perfect Strangers. The goal is to chase your dream. No, it doesn’t take much skill, but I think you’ll get a kick out of it! Link -via Gorilla Mask

Pony and "A" Take Over the World

Pony is an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, and “A” is her student in Japan. They do lessons via Skype. As an exercise, Pony sends “A” strange found photos, and she writes a few sentences about each one. The result is a taste of Japanese humor rendered in intermediate English. Link -via Gorilla [...]

Starbucks Spelling

You can find a Tumblr picture blog for almost any subject under the sun. Starbucks Spelling is dedicated to the custom of baristas writing a customer’s name on a cup, for which they sometimes get the spelling wrong. What makes this worth a look is 1. there are so many misspellings, and 2. how can [...]

The Cartoon Guide to Surviving a Nuclear Bomb Test

In 1955, the Atomic Energy Commission started getting complaints from Nevada citizens about nuclear testing. After all, who wants a nuclear test in their backyard? The government responded by publishing a booklet aimed at placating local civilians. The accompanying cartoons make a nuclear blast seem like any other day, with just a few fireworks added. [...]


Ben Fry created a database of all the hacks in all the episodes of the TV series MacGyver. Click on a dot and it will display the episode, the plot, and how MacGyver managed to do something miraculous with whatever he had at hand. For example, in episode 27, MacGyver was stranded in the wilderness. [...]