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Ladybug Day

(YouTube link) Teacher and numbers geek Ron Gordon tells me today is Ladybug Day! Gordon finds fun patterns in dates, and today is 10-11-12 (as we write it in the U.S.). The name was inspired by the above song from Sesame Street. The dates corresponding to the first, second, and third lines of the song have [...]

"Anternet": What Ants and the Internet Have In Common

Quick: what do ants and the Internet have in common? A Stanford ant biologist and a computer scientist came up with the answer: On the surface, ants and the Internet don’t seem to have much in common. [...]

10 Greatest Movies of All Time, as Picked by Geeks

Once a decade, Sight & Sound asks film critics to select a list of 10 greatest movies of all time. These wonks came up with a list of 10 films that I bet most of you haven’t seen before. [...]

The Most Extravagant Bus Ever Built

Now, this is the way to tour a city! Straight out of a Flash Gordon-art-deco-future, this bus was designed by French coachbuilder Currus and built by Citroen for a Paris tour operator. It debuted in the city in 1950. But this is only the first of a collection of awesome bus designs that have graced [...]

Most Extravagant Bus Ever Built

“QUANTUM SHOT” #779 Link – article by Avi Abrams Citroen U55 Cityrama Currus: Parisian spaceship from the 1950s! When we are considering which bus design could be called “the strangest ever built in history”, then this hyperfuturistic double-decker bus certainly comes right on top. People at the time wondered if this [...]

The Late Movies: Saying Goodbye to Mr. Hooper

Despite being a puppet show for kids, Sesame Street has always done its best to push boundaries in the pursuit of children’s education. One of the earliest examples of this was when they attempted to teach kids about death after the passing of Will Lee, the actor who portrayed Mr. Hooper. A veteran actor throughout the [...]

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 36

Welcome to 2012 late night, _flossers! It’s time once again for GUESS THE THEME. All the clips below have something in common. Leave your best guesses in the comments. The Shangri-Las – Leader Of The Pack Stevie Wonder – I Just Called To Say I Love You Gordon Lightfoot – Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald Aretha [...]

The Case of the Missing Gordon from Sesame Street

Whether you’re watching Sesame Street with a toddler now or were a big fan of Big Bird and friends back when you were a little shaver, no doubt you’re familiar with Gordon. In one form or another, Gordon Robinson has been around since the show began in 1969. Back then, he was played by Matt [...]

Coupled Married for 72 Years Dies While Holding Hands

Gordon and Norma Yeager, aged 94 and 90 respectively, were married for 72 years. They were inseparable and deeply in love with each other during those seven decades. They died an hour apart last week in a hospital. There was some confusion when Gordon left because his heart monitor continued to pulse — but that [...]

Wireless for Ladies, 1922

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Wireless for Ladies, 1922 World’s First Mobile Phone (1922). Found by a researcher in the Pathe vaults. We’ll just leave it at that, and wish more such reels could be “found”. Link Today’s pictures & links: “Aeroflorale II – La Machine” (image credit: Hartmut Bosener, via) The world-famous French group of artists “La Machine” installed [...]