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Eye Of The Riley-A Corgy Cam Adventure

(YouTube Link) Riley is an adventurous little Corgi who loves going on hikes with his owner, this time around the Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. As you watch this video you may ask yourself-does Riley have a little cameraman riding on his back, shooting this action packed footage? Sadly the answer is no, it’s just a GoPro camera [...]

Cheerleader POV

(YouTube link) An LSU cheerleader wore a GoPro camera during the November 25th LSU-Arkansas football game. Be warned that she is a “flyer,” one of the smaller cheerleaders who stand on top of the pyramids, so this might make you dizzy. It might also make you rethink allowing your daughters to try out for the team. [...]

The Dog Toy’s Point of View

(Video Link) YouTube user Lorduss1 attached a GoPro camera to a stick and chased his dog around the yard. Watch the world spin as you become a plaything to a retriever. -via Say Uncle

The View From Inside A Hula Hoop

(YouTube link) Where is the strangest place you can affix a tiny GoPro camera to get a radical “point of view” video? I would have never come up with the inside of a hula hoop, but someone did, and that’s awesome. -via I Am Bored