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Sweet Mushrooms and Goombas

Look at these adorable cupcakes! DeviantART member tomo-chi made mushrooms and Goombas from the world of Mario, with green ice cream cones serving as pipes. Link -via Buzzfeed

Converse + Nintendo = Super Mario Chucks

These are just what you need for ducking down pipes, jumping on Goombas and saving pixelated Princesses. Converse has announced that their series of Super Mario shoes will be available to gamers and non-gamers alike this summer. A basic design featuring a repeating pattern of little Marios on a white or black background will be [...]

Super Mario Propaganda

If you are a fan of the classic Super Mario Bros franchise, you might have always wondered how the evil Bowser recruited and maintained such a strong army of Koopas, Goombas and those annoying Mario eating plants. It turns out he uses some slick World War II style propaganda posters! Link