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Street Ghosts

Street artist Paolo Cirio is taking images of people who are enshrined forever on Google Street View and putting them in their places in the real world, a project he calls Street Ghosts. So far, New York City, London, and Berlin have paper images of the people captured on Street View placed in the exact [...]

Street View Comes to Town -on a Tricycle!

Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada, isn’t the northernmost place mapped by Google Street View, but it is one of the most inaccessible. There are no cars there, just a few trucks. The citizens get around on snowmobiles, and traffic in and out of the community of 1,477 people is by plane. Everyone there know how to [...]

Wander Through Kennedy Space Center Using Google Street View

Google Street View is handy for finding places you’re driving to — but Google has been putting together a series of special “Street View” tours of places that aren’t out on the street. Like Kennedy Space Center. By following that link, you can see a bunch of places where Google brought its Street [...]

The Late Movies: The Googling

In 2008, The Vacationeers produced a series of short films about Google’s never-ending list of new products and projects. It appeared that each of these new toys had a dark side. Part One: Google Maps Google Street View promised to be creepy and intrusive. It has proven to be so in real life as well. * Part Two: Google [...]

Visit the Great Barrier Reef via Google

Google Street View allows you to travel through the Amazonian Rainforest, The San Diego Zoo, even a few buildings, but come September 2012, you can even swim along the perimeter of the Great Barrier Reef just as though you were looking at the Street View of a place around your hometown. Obviously, they didn’t drive their [...]

Address Is Approximate

(vimeo link) Office toys go on a road trip the only way they can, with the help of Google Street View and stop-motion animation in this animation by Tom Jenkins. Read more about this video at the Atlantic. Link -via Metafilter

The Smallest Hotel in the World

The Eh`häusl in Amberg, Germany bills itself as the smallest hotel in the world. It is only eight feet wide! The structure was built on a property of only 20 square meters, between two other houses. The history of the hotel is interesting, as told by Metafilter member woodblock100: So here’s the story: it’s 1728 and [...]

8 Delightfully Geeky Wedding Proposals

While there’s nothing wrong with giving your gal a glass of champagne before getting down on one knee to propose, some people prefer to go a less traditional and more personalized route. Of course, if the potential bride and groom both happen to be a bit geeky, then it follows that a customized wedding proposal [...]

Tetris Building

At first it looks as if the Tetris L block has messed up your game in this Russian building. However, upon further investigation, the block was planned to fall this way in order to keep the bottom floors of the building from being wiped out. See more views with Google Street View. Link -via reddit [...]

‘Baby born’ captured on Google Street View

The Google Street View cameras seem to have caught a baby being born on a street in Germany. Speculation is rife over whether or not the scene involvi…