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Wander Through Kennedy Space Center Using Google Street View

Google Street View is handy for finding places you’re driving to — but Google has been putting together a series of special “Street View” tours of places that aren’t out on the street. Like Kennedy Space Center. By following that link, you can see a bunch of places where Google brought its Street [...]

Visit the Great Barrier Reef via Google

Google Street View allows you to travel through the Amazonian Rainforest, The San Diego Zoo, even a few buildings, but come September 2012, you can even swim along the perimeter of the Great Barrier Reef just as though you were looking at the Street View of a place around your hometown. Obviously, they didn’t drive their [...]

‘Baby born’ captured on Google Street View

The Google Street View cameras seem to have caught a baby being born on a street in Germany. Speculation is rife over whether or not the scene involvi…

Motorhome Thief Suspect Spotted on Google Street View

A motorhome was stolen from its owner in Linton, UK. But a Google Street View picture may reveal the man responsible for the theft: The owner, who has not been named, believes the Google image may have been taken shortly before the theft. The 4 x 4 was backed into the private drive and is parked [...]

Google Street View Now Covers Antarctica

Google Street View began in 2007 with images from 5 U.S. cities. Now the project is starting its photographic mapping of Antarctica: Three years later, we’re happy to announce that you can now explore Street View imagery on all seven continents, with the addition today of Brazil, Ireland and Antarctica. You can now see images from [...]

Where’s Waldo — The Spy Thriller

(Video Link) The Imponderables, a comedy troupe, made this parody of The Bourne Ultimatum casting Waldo of the Where’s Waldo? books as the central character. His identity was erased. His past was stolen. His whereabouts are unknown. Can they find Waldo? via Geekosystem | Official Website Previously: Where’s Waldo? On Google Street View Werner Herzog Reads Where’s Waldo 9 Surprising Things [...]

The Late Movies: Stop Motion, part 1

Stop motion videos are no longer confined to the realm of claymation kids movies—it’s an increasingly popular method for music videos, commercials, real-world reenactments of video games, and more. Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite stop motion videos. Check back next week for part 2! Her Morning Elegance The music video for Oren Lavie’s “Her [...]

Google Earth Guys

(Video Link) When we last left the Google Street View Guys, the pair had the simple task of photographing every address on every road on earth. Their new assignment is for Google Earth: to photograph everything on earth from every angle and every altitude. Animation by Dan Meth. Content warning: NSFW language.

What Is This Thing in the Sky?

The Geekologie writer suggests that this mysterious object in the sky of a Google Street View image is the hole from which the “Four Unicornmen of the Apocalypse” will emerge. It’s from outside of Porto, a city in northern Portugal. What do you think that it is? Link via Geekologie

Google Street Views Of The Zoo

If you just finished looking at the Google Street View of Stonehenge, it might be time to take a trip to the World Famous San Diego Zoo. All from your computer, of course. The paths can be a little difficult to navigate and some of the animals are hard to see from the street map [...]