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The 6 Most Embarrassing War Stories of All Time

Odd things happen in the confusion of war, or training for war, or even peacetime that resembles war. An example of the latter happened in 2010, when Nicaraguan commander Eden Pastora and his men accidentally invaded Costa Rica, supposedly because of a border error in Google Maps. It’s not clear why he decided to consult an [...]

It’s Really Loud With the Shop Vac On

It’s Saturday. It’s hot in my workshop. Let’s enjoy an upbeat tune with a jaw-droppingly good fan video. Trust me on both counts, this will make your day: Okay, you may ask what this is. It’s kinetic typography (“moving text”) made by Jarrett Heather. The song is “Shop Vac” by Jonathan [...]

Junk DNA Actually Not Junk

You’d be surprised to learn that 98% of human DNA actually don’t encode for anything. Some bits and parts act as gene regulators and switches, but for the most part, they’re just there because they’re there. In 1972, [...]

The Late Movies: The Googling

In 2008, The Vacationeers produced a series of short films about Google’s never-ending list of new products and projects. It appeared that each of these new toys had a dark side. Part One: Google Maps Google Street View promised to be creepy and intrusive. It has proven to be so in real life as well. * Part Two: Google [...]

NUKEMAP: Visualize Blasting Cities with Historic Nuclear Weapons

NUKEMAP, a Google Maps application by Alex Wellerstein, makes the dangers of nuclear war personal. Move the marker anywhere in the world, then select a nuclear weapon. You can choose anything from the 20 ton Davy Crockett portable missile to the 100 megaton Tsar Bomba. The latter is pictured above detonating over Lubbock, Texas. Link -via [...]

Michigan’s Tridge

The Tridge (triple bridge) is a cute three-way foot bridge that provides access to all sides of the confluence of the Tittabawassee and Chippewa Rivers in Midland, Michigan. According to Kuriositas, it’s one of only twelve in the world. Link | Photo: Fenton Low Altitude | The Tridge on Google Maps

Millennium Falcon School

You went to school at that place? You’re braver than I thought. redditor MrDrProfFrPatrick noticed that his school, Parkland High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is shaped like the Millennium Falcon. Link | Google Maps Link

Rorschmap Uses Google Maps to Make Crazy Kaleidoscopic Images

I have spent hours just typing in a random location and using Google Maps to “visit” it with the street view application. If that wasn’t entertaining enough (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it) Rorschmap is a website created by James Bridle which takes Google Maps and creates Kaleidoscope like images out of them. Link

The Mysterious Minaret of Jam

“QUANTUM SHOT” #709Link – article by Avi Abrams The 12-Century Wonder and Mystery of Afghanistan Built back in 1190s by the once great Ghorid empire, this enigmatic and intricately-ornamented ancient “skyscraper” stands like a missile pointing at the stars – a 65-meter high minaret, the second biggest religious monument of its kind in the world. Originally it [...]

City Slogans on Google Maps

Google Maps has a list of punny slogans that users have tagged onto towns and cities. A sample: Gas, KS “Don’t pass gas, stop and enjoy It.” Hooker, OK “It’s a location, not a vocation.” Bushnell, SD “It’s not the end of the earth, but you can see it from here” Walla Walla, WA “The city so nice they named it twice.” Click on [...]