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House Sigils for All Kinds of TV Families

From The Office to House, there are all sorts of shows represented in this goofy set of TV family sigils based on those from Game of Thrones. Can you recognize all the references? Link Via io9

Hit ‘Rock Bottom’ With This Animated Short

(YouTube Link) Here’s a goofy little gem of a cartoon for your amusement, a sitcom spoof that takes place at the bottom of the ocean and lasts about a minute. Oh, and there are lots of bad oceanic puns, and a duck wearing a top hat. If you can look past the misspelling of existential in the [...]

The 14 Best Pet Halloween Costumes

I know Halloween is still two months away, but it’s never too early to enjoy some ridiculously cute pictures of critters in goofy costumes. InventorSpot has a great list of the best costumes released this year, but I have to say that this dinodog is definitely my favorite. Link

Batman’s Origin Story

This unintentionally goofy mistranslation appears on a toy package in a Chinese dollar store. Unfortunately, the original photographer is unknown. -via Dangerous Minds

Cute Faces Found In Objects

I don’t know about you guys, but I get a kick out of these goofy pictures of unintentional faces found in objects. Dark Roasted Blend has a great collection of these guys. If you like them, be sure to check out the whole list on the link. Link

Topiaries Beyond Compare

When I lived in San Francisco, I once ended up driving past Robin Williams’ house which is recognizable by the giant dinosaur topiaries. They were so goofy and out of place in that ritzy neighborhood that I couldn’t help but giggle as I traveled the next few blocks. This post on WebEcoist was able to stir [...]