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Star Wars and Star Trek Money Origami

Origami artist Won Park is a specialist in the use of folded money. His whole gallery is filled with science fiction goodness, including space battle scenes from Star Wars and Star Trek. I’d love to see them animated. Gallery Link | Photo: Andrew Park

Matt and Asia’s Minecraft Wedding

(vimeo link) Matt and Asia are both avid Minecraft players. He even proposed to her onstage at MineCon! The wedding was beautiful and geeky -see lots of pictures at The Goodness. Link -via Boing Boing

Teen Drama at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

Gambit wants to get close, but he’s scared of getting hurt again. Will he overcome his anxiety and ask Rogue to accompany him to the prom? Let’s crack open this faux Sweet Valley High cover by Tony Fleecs. Check out his gallery at the link, which is filled with geeky goodness. Link -via io9 | Fleecs’s [...]

iPoo Toilet

Finally! A toilet worthy of Apple fanboys. Meet the iPoo Toilet, which sadly only exists as a conceptual design. Designer Milos Paripovic said: Unlike some Apple products, this toilet fully supports Flush. This toilet has exactly the same function as [...]

Windows Cheese Snack

This doesn’t appear to be an officially endorsed product, yet someone has created a Windows brand cheese snack. I wonder if the cheese also makes you crash after a few hours? See all the cheesey goodness at the link Link

Krispy Treat Soap

Krispy Treat Soap - $3.95 Do you love krispy treats so much that you wish you could bathe in their sweet goodness? Well, now you can! Head on over to the NeatoShop and get yourself some Krispy Treat soap. This fabulous handmade soap looks and smells just like the real thing. Be sure check out the NeatoShop [...]

Cupcake Bath Bomb

Cupcake Bath Bomb – $9.95 The Cupcake Bath Bomb from the NeatoShop, because you are cupcake crazy! Do you love cupcakes so much that you secretly wish you could bathe in their sweet smelling goodness? No, we don’t think you are weird. In fact, the Cupcake Bath Bomb from the NeatoShop was made for someone just like [...]

Kate Beaton’s Comic: Hark! A Vagrant

Illustration: Kate Beaton Brilliant webcomic goodness can be found all over the ‘Net, but in case you’ve missed her, check out Kate Beaton’s brand of humor. Subjects cover just about everything related to media, literature, and pop culture. Link Kate’s LiveJournal here. via Yay!Everyday

What Is It? Game 112

Woohoo! It’s time for our collaboration with the What is it? Blog – can you guess what this strange tool above is for? Place your guess in the comment section. One guess per comment please. You can, however, guess as many times as you’d like. Post no URL or links – doing so will forfeit your [...]