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Brian Rush’s Bench

What good is art if it doesn’t bring people closer together? Well, Brian Rush’s Bench 2011 did just that with a wee bit of industrial rollers and gravity: Link – via Booooooom [...]

A Cherry Pie, an Apple Pie and a Pumpkin Pie, Each Cooked Inside a Separate Cake, and Then All Cooked Together inside Another Cake

It is a called a cherpumple, and it represents all that remains good and right in this fallen world. Pastry chef David Lowery made this 21 lb. 10 oz. concoction for guests at the Grand Geneva Resort in Wisconsin. I feel a rekindling of hope for the human race because we can still do great [...]

Rules of Finding a Roommate

Looking for a roommate? Christie Young of Good Magazine has a few rules you should follow. (Oh, how times have changed from when I was looking for a roommate back in college)

Flesh Eating Cocaine

This may sound like an anti drug scare film, but according to Good Morning America a new type of cocaine is hitting the streets of Los Angeles and New York that will eat your flesh. It seems cocaine has been behind a rash of flesh-eating disease outbreaks in Los Angeles and New York. Cocaine cut with [...]

How to Beat the Salad Bar

Cucumber, cantaloupe, tomatoes, carrots – they’re all good for you, sure. But they’re not so good for your wallet. The New York Times comparison-shopped to show you how you’re getting a bad deal when you load up on certain weighty items at salad bars even though they cost less per ounce than some of the [...]

Beautiful (Yet Terrifying) Viewing Platforms

When you have a great viewing opportunity, it’s always nice to have a good, but safe, way to make the most of the stunning scenery. Whether it’s a terrifying viewing platform that shoots out 30 feet from the summit of Austria’s Mount Isidor (pictured), or a glass-floored box jutting out from the top of the [...]

Fantasy Fiancé

Fantasy meets fiancé and so much more in the latest Good Neighbor vid. You will laugh. I promise. (Warning: minor language in the beginning only)

10 Songs That Sample “Good Times”

Written by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, it was first recorded by their band Chic for their 1979 album Risqué. It quickly became #1 on a couple different Billboard charts and eventually Rolling Stone ranked it #224 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. But how did it become such an, excuse [...]

Animal Paper Shredder

Random-Good-Stuff blog went to La Laboral University in Gijón, Spain, and found this intriguing installation at a temporary art exhibit in the kitchen: an animal paper shredder. Simply feed the paper to be shredded into a slot in the cage, and the critters inside will do the work for you! Link

The Biggest News Stories of the Year

GOOD magazine has a graphic that shows how big the news stories of 2009 were compared to other news stories. The information used is from, which calculates the percentage of coverage news stories get every week. Link -via Nag on the Lake