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A Family of Bank Robbers

Some families golf together, others go camping together. This family, however, is a bit unique: they rob the bank together. And you know what they say about a family that robs a bank together. They go to jail together: A father, son [...]

Shark drops from sky over golf course

A live shark mysteriously fell from the sky over a golf course located four miles from the sea. Golfers at the San Juan Hills Golf Club in California …

Subpar Mini Golf, Complete with the Golden Gate Bridge Loop-de-Loop

Photo: Rusty Blazenhoff/Flickr Now that is a putt putt golf loop-de-loop! Rusty Blazenhoff of Laughing Squid went to Subpar Miniature Golf (hah! get it? Subpar?) in Alameda, [...]

The Batmobile Golf Cart

Have you always wanted to play golf, but hate the idea of being stuck in one of those stupid little white carts? Well then, maybe you should hit the course in this awesome Batcart! Link Via The Mary Sue

Does ancient oyster contain huge pearl ?

An ancient oyster ten times larger than its modern counterparts could contain a golf ball sized pearl. The 100 million-year-old fossil discovered off …

Killer sharks invade golf course

When playing golf at a course in Brisbane, Australia, sand traps are the least of your worries. At the Carbrook Golf Club, players must avoid not only…

The Late Movies: Nike’s Slo-Mo Golf Ball Videos

In 2008, Nike put together a series of slow-motion videos in which golf balls were shot through various objects. The project, called “Nike Golf Juice Ball,” is surprisingly not very heavily Nike branded — it’s mostly about crazy slo-mo. Of course, they’re trying to sell their “juice ball,” so perhaps I’ve just played right into [...]

The Number of the Day: 100,000

During a 2009 search for the Loch Ness Monster, scientists in Scotland discovered more than 100,000 submerged golf balls instead. (The total number of lost golf balls in the United States each year is estimated to be around 300 million.) Related Link: Researchers at the University of Maine have developed a prototype of a biodegradable golf [...]

Biodegradable Golf Balls Made From Lobster Shells

David Neivandt, a professor at the University of Main, and Alex Caddell, an undergraduate student there, have developed a golf ball made from the shells of lobsters. Though biodegradable golf balls already exist, this is the first to be made with crushed lobster shells with a biodegradable binder and coating, creating value from waste material. “We’re [...]

Baby Hummingbirds in a Nest

Alek Komarnitsky learned that hummingbirds had nested at a local golf course and took several high-resolution photographs. Here are the two babies, almost ready to leave the nest. The housefly on the branch gives you a sense of the scale. Link via American Digest