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The Weird World of Country-Specific Web Domains

As the dot-com bubble reached its peak in 2000, Internet entrepreneurs faced a problem: every word in the dictionary had been registered as a dot-com domain name. So their bold new innovation was to register domains ending in something other than dot-com! Let’s take a look back at the stories of three [...]

Muppets Revenge!

Artist Joey Skaggs has a protest/art project/demonstration ready to go for New York City starting tomorrow with his Mobile Homeless Homes (MHH) and a gang of Muppets. Continue reading for Skaggs’ explanation of the unique demonstration. And more pictures. (Image credit: Joey Skaggs Archive) To address the issue of homelessness and the growing number of people who have [...]

Goldman Sachs Called Clients “Muppets”

After 12 years working at Goldman Sachs, exec Greg Smith decided to quit. But first, he penned this scathing op-ed in The New York Times, accusing the 143-year-old investment bank of losing its moral [...]

147 Highly Interconnected Companies That Rule The World

That’s not just a pretty picture above. My friends, say hello to the 1,318 highly interconnected transnational companies (with a core of 147 "super-entities") that rule the world, as visualized by scientists at the [...]