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The Tiniest Golden Girl In the World

Just look at that little Sofia from The Golden Girls. The author of Pop Muse’s little baby is so darn cute, she’d look good as any TV character. Link

Morgan Freeman Shilling for Listerine

Last night at the Golden Globes, Morgan Freeman received the Cecil B. DeMille award in recognition of his long acting career, which has included amazing films like The Shawshank Redemption, Glory, Unforgiven, The Dark Knight, and Driving Miss Daisy. During the big tribute to him they somehow managed to leave out all mention of his [...]

Golden Girl Valentine’s Day Cards

The Golden Girls were wonderful in proving to America that older women are still interested in romantic pursuits.Now you can celebrate your love interest in the style of these classic women with these fantastic Golden Girls Valentine’s Day cards. Link Via Craftzine

From the Golden Days of Ventriloquism: Children Entertainment of Yore

From the Golden Days of Ventriloquism, via the fantastic Fengtastic and Miss Cellania, may we present to you a preview of tonight’s nightmare? Why, you’re welcome.

Golden Girls Bloopers

On September 14, 1985, The Golden Girls premiered on NBC. Twenty-six years later, we have lost all of the show’s stars except America’s sweetheart, Betty White. I managed to dig up some bloopers for your enjoyment; because the show was filmed in front of a classic “live studio audience,” the laughter is real. For [...]

Retro Future: Space Art

At one time, the future was glorious. Golden Age space illustrations were colorful, exciting, and made us hope to live long enough to see such wondrous things come about! See some fantastic vintage artwork depicting the future at Dark Roasted Blend. Link

Golden Ray Migration

In 2008, Sandra Critelli shot this excellent photo of Golden Rays off the Mexican coast: She said: “It was an unreal image, very difficult to describe. The surface of the water was covered by warm and different shades of gold and looked like a bed of autumn leaves gently moved by the wind. “It’s hard to say [...]

Pet Cemetery Under the Golden Gate Bridge

Photo: Telstar Logistics Here’s something I didn’t know about San Francisco: underneath the Doyle Street ramp to the Golden Gate bridge is a pet cemetery from the former Presidio Army Base: Built in the 1930s, at the same time as the Golden Gate Bridge, Doyle Drive is now a seismic hazard, so it is being completely rebuilt. [...]

The Quick 10: 9 Miss Golden Globes (and one Mr.)

The Golden Globes are coming up this weekend, which means it’s time for a new Miss Golden Globe. Although the award ceremony has been around since 1944, Miss Golden Globe didn’t start handing out trophies until 1966. There were actually two Miss Golden Globes that year – one for film and one for television. The [...]

Twitter’s New Design Is Based on the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical constant that, since the Renaissance, artists have incorporated into their works as an expression of aesthetic perfection. Doug Bowman of Twitter says that the site’s redesign is directly based upon it: To anyone curious about #NewTwitter proportions, know that we didn’t leave those ratios to chance. This, of course, only applies [...]