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Morgan Freeman Shilling for Listerine

Last night at the Golden Globes, Morgan Freeman received the Cecil B. DeMille award in recognition of his long acting career, which has included amazing films like The Shawshank Redemption, Glory, Unforgiven, The Dark Knight, and Driving Miss Daisy. During the big tribute to him they somehow managed to leave out all mention of his [...]

Bad Actors That Are Actually Surprisingly Talented

Is the actor really that bad or is it just a bad movie? Weird Worm shines the light on 5 actors who you thought were bad, but are actually quite talented. Take, for instance, Nicolas Cage: Mr. Cage is the man that inspired this article. Never before has Hollywood seen an actor who is has such [...]

The Quick 10: Why a Typo Caused Popeye to Eat Spinach and Other Popeye Facts

Yesterday was a big day in Hollywood – it was the Golden Globes, sure (did you love Ricky Gervais or think he dropped the ball?), but it was also the anniversary of the first time the world was introduced to a beloved cartoon – Popeye. To celebrate the famous spinach-swilling seadog, here are a few [...]

Quiz: Name the Last 10 Golden Globe Winners (Best Film: Drama)

Here’s a quick quiz for movie buffs. Can you name the last ten pictures to win the Best Film: Drama award at the Golden Globes? We’re posting this quiz on January 17, 2010, so we’re looking for the winners from the 2000 ceremony (1999 movies) through the 2009 ceremony (2008 movies). You’ve got 5 minutes. [...]