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After the Olympics

The following is reprinted from the book Uncle John’s Unsinkable Bathroom Reader. The Olympics can turn an unknown athlete into an international star overnight. But then what? For most, there are no professional leagues to join. So what do they do? Athlete: Mark Spitz Event: Swimming (1972) Story: Spitz won two gold medals in the 1968 Olympics, but going [...]

U.S. Championship Cheese Contest

Attention all cheese lovers! The U.S. Championship Cheese Contest at Lambeau is now underway. For the next three days, 26 experts will examine, sniff and taste more than 30,000 pounds of cheese and butter. The best cheeses in 73 different classes will be awarded gold medals. Sarah “The Cheese Lady” is also there. This amazing cheese artist [...]

The Evolution of the Sneaker

1. Plimsolls: Kicking it Old School Plimsolls put the town shoemaker out of business. As the first mass-produced shoes, plimsolls were crafted on an assembly line using canvas and vulcanized rubber. But don’t let the “inspected by No. 35″ tag fool you. These mid-19th century kicks were so crude that they didn’t even differentiate between the [...]